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The whole kit and cadoodle

Aussiedoodle puppies available


All About Us

The Whole Kit and Cadoodle takes great pride in breeding the most beautiful, intelligent and healthy standard  F1b Bernedoodle pups.  Our sire is a 55 pound standard poodle and our dam is a 46 pound F1 bernedoodle.  Both are genetically tested to assure the health of the puppies we produce.   Our puppies have little to no shedding at all due to the backcross with our poodle and they have the most amazing dispositions.   We spend every day with our puppies introducing them to sights and sounds, getting them used to being touched and held, and implementing play time with our other wonderful dogs when they are ready to learn a little  "dog etiquette".  Setting them up for success is our priority. We evaluate each puppy's personality and temperament and will guide you through the process of picking the right one for your family.



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The Whole Kit and Cadoodle

Alpine, California

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