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Meet The Parents



Norah is the most amazingly sweet F1 Bernedoodle. She loves to cuddle, rarely barks and is a very calm girl. Norah loves other animals and children.  She is a petite girl  with light curl and the most beautiful green eyes.  Norah has been genetically tested as well as color tested.  She carries fawn, brown, merle and parti.


Higgins is one of a kind.  He is one of the sweetest boys in the world and loves to be with you.  He has never met a human or animal that he didn't befriend instantly.  He is athletic and agile.  Higgins is extremely smart and a true people pleaser.  At 48lbs, Higgins is on the smaller side for a standard poodle. He is genetically tested as well as color tested.  Hips and Elbows are OFA certified. He carries two copies of the curl as well as parti.  Higgins is available for stud service to approved females.

higgins beautiful 1_edited.jpg
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